About my art

I draw inspiration from direct observation of the sky and clouds and computer-generated images obtained from various measuring instruments (satellites, weather radars, data analysis charts) that track and interpret natural and weather phenomena from a distance. The lavishly and vibrant colors in my work, specifically – in my recent series – Unaccustomed Land, have their origin in the weather radar imagery displayed on monitors showing various color-coded areas of different meteorological activities above the earth. I'm fascinated by the natural land- and cloudscape forms and colors transformed into these fantastic, a bit outlandish or grotesque, and unexpected views of our planet.

Ultimately, while working on these paintings, issues such as our ambivalent relationship to climate change, concepts of weather modification, and the human drive to control natural phenomena resurfaced and provided more focused direction to my formal manipulations with materials and tools. The artworks are mainly mixed media paintings on paper or wooden panels that formally explore indexical shapes of clouds in combination with meticulously layered marks and often symbolic signs of targets or molecular formulas of greenhouse gases.


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