I've been an admirer of Kalina's artwork for a while. When her website launched with prints available, I quickly scooped one up. Her artwork is so beautiful and inspiring, and the quality of the print itself is amazing; it looks like it could be the original work. Thank you, Kalina, for making these prints available!

Michelle from Florida

Kalina’s works tunnel your imagination. Every time I look at her piece, my mind takes me on a journey to a new place in nature where what she has created could be actualized—to exist in that space and visualize that environmental event. I have loved having one of her pieces in my home.

Caroline from Atlanta, GA

Kalina Winska’s art is dynamic, dazzling, and deeply felt.  It addresses our tentative relationship with the environment in abstracted layers of clouds, wind, and the very atmosphere which we continue to defile. Her work asks questions of science and climate change, while colors harmonize then clash in glazes both subtle and powerful. I enjoy looking at my mixed media painting every day. I love the intricacy of Kalina's unique vision. Her painting is located in my living room above my usual chair where I can see it every day.

Julie from Valdosta, GA

I’ve been an admirer of Kalina’s work for many years now. Her new series, Unaccustomed Land, resonates particularly strongly with me. The beauty of the artwork combined with the depth and impact of the images she produces are stunning. I’ve now got several pieces of her work in my new home and it gives me great pleasure to view them.

Preeti from Hamburg, Germany

News & Highlights

ART Attack 2nd Saturday in Georgetown – come and see my art in person!

Saturday, November 13, from 6-9pm.
I invite all of you to join us at Equinox Studios and enjoy art!
In conjunction with Georgetown Art Attack, 1-7pm --
think of us as Georgetown's Art Walk After Hours :)

My studio, located in the Big Blue @ 202, will be open for viewing and purchasing original art and fine art prints directly from the artist. I’ll be selling my fine art prints at 10% discounted art fair price!

Find me at:

Equinox Creative Industrial Complex, 6555 5th Ave S, Seattle Wa 98108

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My work on the front page of the AMA Magazine!

AMArt, Albany Museum of Art's quarterly magazine, features news on exhibitions and upcoming events, programming, and interviews. My works entitled Atmospheric Gaze #6, exhibited in one of the Spring museum shows – Cut & Paste: Works of Paper – has been featured on the front page of their magazine. Thank you, AMA, for spotlighting my art!

AMArt – Spring 2020
Didi Dunphy, curator at the Albany Museum of Art, speaks about Kalina Winska's art

Didi Dunphy, curator at the Albany Museum of Art, speaks about my art

Click here to view the video

Presenting my art with Equinox Studios

Come see and buy my art on Saturday, August 14th from noon – 8pm

My studio is located in Equinox Studios - The Creative Industrial Complex in Georgetown neighborhood of Seattle. Equinox Studios invites you to our all-out, outdoor block party art walk. There will be 50+ local artists displaying and selling their art, a beer garden provided by Counterbalance Brewery, food trucks, music, fire, dance, performance, poetry, popsicles and more! We will fill 5th Ave S. between Michigan and River Streets with art and festivities for a day of fun for the whole family.

Check more details on this event

Unaccustomed Land 4

Unaccustomed Lands